ONLINE COURSE: Differential Learning System: Certification Course (Level 1: Soccer)

Do you want to improve the quality of your training sessions allowing your athletes to learn faster?

That’s what the Differential Learning System (DLS) will allow you!

In this 3 hours course it will be explained to you the advantages of the Differential Learning System compared to traditional training!

Traditional teaching and training of soccer techniques is mainly dominated by program oriented series of exercises with analytical synthetic construction principles. Most recent investigations question the necessity of program oriented forms of training fundamentally with a high number of repetition of the same exercise (cf. Schöllhorn 1999). The objective of this course is  to compare the traditional training method with a differential training showing how to apply this innovative methodology in a coaching context!

The students who complete this course will be awarded with a Level 1 Differential Learning System certificate!

Course Content

Total learning: 24 lessons Time: 12 weeks
  • 1. Intro  0/1

  • 2. Problems with traditional training approaches   0/1

  • 3. Another problem leads to an alternative theory  0/3

  • 4. Proof of the alternative theory on its applicability in sports   0/3

    • Lecture4.1
    • Lecture4.2
    • Lecture4.3
  • 5. Sustainability?  0/2

    • Lecture5.1
    • Lecture5.2
  • 6. Application of DL in other areas  0/2

    • Lecture6.1
    • Lecture6.2
  • 7. Differential speed training  0/6

    • Lecture7.1
    • Lecture7.2
    • Lecture7.3
    • Lecture7.4
    • Lecture7.5
    • Lecture7.6
  • 8. From biomechanics to neurophysiology  0/1

    • Lecture8.1
  • 9. Even more differential training in football  0/1

    • Lecture9.1
  • 10. Including other learning theories  0/1

    • Lecture10.1
  • 11. Ending  0/1

    • Lecture11.1
  • 12. Some Drills  0/2

    • Lecture12.1
    • Lecture12.2


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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang I. Schöllhorn is the creator of the Differential Learning System. For many years he trained national and international athletes in different sports. In 1990 he received a PhD in biomechanics from the University of Frankfurt. After having professorships and guest professorships around the world he became professor for training and movement science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz in 2007. His work in the field of athletics, biomechanics, and motor learning has received several national and international prizes including the Performance Award of International Society of Biomechanics for Differencial learning (DL) and 2006 the “Deutsches Werkbund Label”.


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  • Evangelos Angelis

    Something new

    That was a perfect course that you can’t find it everywhere and there are only a few of people that they’re able to teach you something like that..congratulations
  • John Emmett

    Ready To Watch Again

    Great info. Very interesting and useful for all sports. I'm a Jiu Jitsu coach, not a soccer coach, and loved it.
  • Teles

    Amazing course

    Learning from a Professor with all this scientific information and research to backup the course make me see it "black and white" how can I use this methodology. Great course, really recommend to everyone that is looking for answers.
  • Barata19

    João Barata

    Great content.
  • Micky Mcduff


    A must coarse if your interested in the development of your players
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