Online Course: How to monitor the training process in Soccer?

Monitoring the stress applied to the athletes using both internal and external load indicators is strongly recommended to maximize the training responses. Therefore, this course aims to introduce some of the latest findings about the use of monitoring process to determine locomotor demands for performance development in both youth and adult soccer players.

The velocity associated with maximum oxygen uptake is one of the main parameters utilized to plan interval or intermittent running-based exercises. However, different testing protocols can affect the maximal running velocity and, in turn, the physiological responses during exercises. Moreover, different soccer-specific drills such as small- or large-sided games, positional drills, etc. are largely utilized to integrate technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands during training routines. Small- or large-side games demands can be contextualized within official match requirements to maximize transfer to the game-like and performance goals. Additionally, the most demanding passages of official match play can help coaches and sport scientists to understand the maximal match intensities suggesting such practical applications.

These are some of the main topics introduce over the course.

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Andrea Riboli works as sports scientist and strength & conditioning coach in professional soccer. He got a Ph.D. in sport sciences and he is an Adjunct Professor at the Università degli Studi di Milano where he teaches “match and training analysis”. He also lead research projects about training load management, fitness assessment and performance development in elite soccer players. The main aim of his work is to translate scientific data into practical and applied strategies for high-performance development.


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